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Tooth Decay in NYC
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Tooth Decay on the Upper East Side, Manhattan

Without proper dental hygiene, sugars from foods high in carbohydrates – as well as other bacteria found in your mouth–can build up and form plaque on teeth.  If plaque is not removed, it mineralizes and turns into hard tartar. As the tartar remains on your teeth, it forms an acid that can break down the protection of your tooth enamel. When the enamel of a tooth breaks down, a cavity forms.

If you have noticed any symptoms of tooth decay, like noticeable cavities, pain, extra sensitivities and irritation when the teeth have contact with sweet, cold, hot or sour food; or if food starts to get stuck in one particular place in the tooth – all of these can be signs of progressing tooth decay. If you notice those symptoms, you need to visit the dentist immediately. Remember, the sooner you go – the more chances you have to save your tooth as it is.

What is Tooth Decay Treatment and Examination?

Tooth decay treatment depends on the scale of the cavity that has formed at the moment of examination. During the examination, the dentist explores whether the area of erosion has gone further than the enamel and, if so, how far into the tooth layers it has gone.

The results of the examination will determine the further treatment required. If the structure of the tooth is not harmed, the treatment will be aimed at repairing the damaged spot. If the erosion has reached the dentin, the treatment will require more time and materials.

Who is a Good Candidate for Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay treatment is one of the most common procedures in dentistry and yet, many people do not know that it is very easy to prevent tooth decay on their own by improving their dental hygiene. To prevent tooth decay, it is important to lower the frequency of acid production on your teeth. A good candidate for tooth decay is one who does not follow the few basic rules of prevention mentioned below:

  • Limiting the number of times you eat per day;
  • Regularly brushing and flossing;
  • Getting regular teeth cleanings and check-ups;
  • Using fluoride toothpastes; and
  • Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse to reduce plaque.

Maintaining a healthy diet with proper nutrition is crucial in promoting good oral hygiene and, in turn, preventing tooth decay. Limiting foods and drinks that are high in sugar and carbonation can help prevent tooth decay and enhance oral hygiene.

Advantages of Tooth Decay Treatment on the Upper East Side

Manhattan dentist, Dr. Lana Rozenberg, provides top quality tooth decay treatments and examinations. Visiting us for cosmetic bonding on the Upper East Side, Manhattan will give you a number of advantages you simply can’t  find anywhere else. We guarantee you one of the best experiences for dental bonding in Manhattan, which includes:

  • An excellent professional service provided by our team of experts;
  • Affordable prices;
  • 20 years of experience in bonding cracked teeth in NYC;
  • New elite materials and equipment in the office; and
  • A high level of luxury for all our clients.

Tooth Decay Treatment Procedures

After a diagnosis, the treatment is prescribed. The earlier a cavity is treated, the easier and less invasive it is to fix. The further a cavity progresses, the more complicated restorative procedures will be needed.

The more the client postpones their visit to the dentist, the more they risk losing a bigger part of the tooth. The treatment period and its level of difficulty depends directly on the scale of the tooth decay. If the area is small and hasn’t reached the dentin, the treatment will require cleaning the damaged area and filling it in with special materials.

If it is a late decay and the tooth has lost a lot of its structure, it is possible that the treatment will require several appointments involving the use of a crown and cleaning the diseased pulp chambers.  


Tooth bonding costs will directly depend on the area of destruction on the tooth. The size of the tooth decay influences the materials that are required for the procedure. If the area is not large, the dentist needs to repair a small spot of erosion with simple filling materials. Those can be filling materials that contain fluoride, calcium, and phosphates. In other cases, it can refer to mouthrinses or special toothpastes or types of amalgam filling.

On the other hand, if the tooth structure was irreversibly damaged, the treatment will require the use of the crown. Even if a client needs to repair chipped front teeth there is no need to worry, since all the materials that we use are resin and tooth colored.

How we work

The Dr. Lana Rozenberg clinic prides itself on offering very competitive rates, and enjoys the satisfaction of offering superb dental work at reasonable prices. Pricing includes our reassuringly comprehensive services, and our dentists are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, including those relating to dental risks and medication.

For more information on how to prevent tooth decay, contact Dr. Rozenberg and the staff at Lana Rozenberg D.D.S. at (212) 265-7724 or click here to schedule a consultation online for our New York City Dental Office.

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Before and After Results

In the pictures below, you will see the results of Tooth Decay for patients with various dental issues. These are only a sample of the treatments performed at our clinic. Over her decades of working in dentistry, Dr. Rozenberg has helped a lot of people, including celebrities and politicians, to name a few.

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