Quick and Easy Gum Rejuvenation Solutions for a Stunning Smile!

By rozenberg

Boast a smile that shines in time for the upcoming holiday season! While straight, pearly white teeth are often the object of desire for those looking to improve their smirk, paying attention to your gums can also pay dividends. Receding gums can result in an emptier-looking smile as a result of exposed ridges in your gum line, while an excess of gum tissue can cause teeth to look shorter than usual. Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S. in New York City offers various gum rejuvenation techniques to help you smile wide for the holidays!

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

A groundbreaking treatment for gum recession, pinhole gum rejuvenation can help restore your full smile in as little as one hour. The cause of receding gums can vary from changes in hormones, to improper dental hygiene, to your genetic makeup. Pinhole gum rejuvenation is designed to restore gums to a more natural place without stitches or scalpels. Your cosmetic dentist will use a small, pin-like tool to insert microscopic holes in your gums, before gently sliding your gums over the root where gum has recessed. Strips of collagen are then inserted at the pinhole entry point to keep gums in place through the healing process. Pinhole gum rejuvenation requires no downtime and post-procedure discomfort is minimal.

Gum Gap Restoration

Another way to treat receding gums is through gum gap restoration. This minimally-invasive procedure utilizes Restylane®, a hyaluronic acid filler, to restore gum volume. Restylane® is injected into the areas where your gums have receded in order to produce a fuller smile, without the risks of traditional gum surgery. Patients can resume daily activities immediately after undergoing gum gap restoration.


For patients who have too much gum tissue that results in a gummy smile, Gumoflage can reposition the upper lip to cover the area of the upper gums that’s exposed when you smile. First, a tiny incision is made in the upper lip. Next, your cosmetic dentist will gently move the upper lip down to a fixed position—resulting in a fuller-looking smile. Gumoflage is also a minimally invasive gum rejuvenation solution and patients can expect minimal discomfort and downtime.

Dr. Lana Rozenberg and her staff look forward to answering any questions you may have about pinhole gum rejuvenation, gum gap restoration, and Gumoflage, as well as any of our other dental procedures. Contact us at our New York office at 212.265.7724, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Rozenberg.

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