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longing for a more symmetrical face consider fillers
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Longing for a More Symmetrical Face? Consider Fillers

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Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark. Madonna’s tooth gap. Barbra Streisand’s nose. It’s healthy and good to embrace what makes you unique, but sometimes a facial difference is cause for self-consciousness, like facial asymmetry. 

Though no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, a noticeable, even distracting unevenness in features, which can be linked to quite a few causes, can bring you down. Unless you feel positive about how you look, you won’t feel confident as you go about your life. 

Renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg and her stellar team offer advanced treatments for patients who desire more facial symmetry. Our office on New York City’s Upper East Side is dedicated to your comfort and to delivering the highest level of care.

Why does facial asymmetry occur?

Multiple factors lead to an imbalanced appearance, from illnesses and accidents to dental work, aging, and habits we know aren’t good for us. Dr. Rozenberg offers an array of sophisticated treatments that address the many causes of symmetry problems:


A facial injury from a car accident, for example, can heal, but you might notice a crookedness to your face’s appearance afterward due to a broken nose or injured cheekbone or jaw.


Your bones stop growing during puberty, but your cartilage doesn’t. Since your nose and ears keep growing, your face may change and look uneven.


Toxins from smoking break down collagen and elastin, proteins that support your skin. Excess time in the sun leaves you open to imbalanced aging. Even sleeping on your stomach or side night after night, with just part of your face pressing the pillow, can contribute to the problem. 

Health conditions

Bell’s palsy, for example, causes temporary paralysis in facial muscles, making one side of your face droop; it affects about 40,000 people annually.

Dental work and issues

Wearing dentures, tooth extraction, and bite problems can all contribute to facial asymmetry.

Often our patients are doubtful that helpful treatment options exist, but thankfully they do. 

Can symmetry be restored to my face if it really bothers me?

Yes. Dr. Rozenberg’s sophisticated treatments address the root causes of facial asymmetry if they’ve become too difficult to bear. They’re safe, noninvasive cosmetic injectable treatments that she and her team administer with care and precision. 

Each has its distinct advantages, but Dr. Rozenberg assesses your health, performs a dental exam, and may recommend imaging before she decides which treatment is best for you. She also considers your goals to arrive at a solution. 

Treatments fall into two broad categories:

Facial muscle relaxants 

This family of treatments are derived from the botulinum toxin, which relaxes your facial muscles, softens lines, and when administered judiciously, adjusts uneven facial aging patterns.

These include Botox®, which was the first treatment of this type developed. It’s proven especially helpful for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which, aside from causing pain and other symptoms, can make your face look lopsided. 

Dysport™ penetrates muscles more deeply and contains less protein, so results last longer — four months at the very least. It also treats asymmetry issues that Botox can’t, such as vertical smoker’s lines on the lips.

Xeomin® lasts even longer than Dysport because it contains no protein at all, and is pure botulinum toxin. Injectables require maintenance visits; Xeomin requires the fewest. 

Dermal fillers

We use Restylane®, Perlane®, and Juvederm® treatments powered by hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring substance the body produces that keeps your tissues moist and supple. 

Because aging emerges in far-from-symmetrical ways, these treatments selectively restore facial contours that gravity and time have eroded. 

For example, the nasolabial folds, which run from the bottom of your nostrils to the corners of your mouth, droop at different speeds. Dermal fillers not only correct this and other problems, they last quite a long time — six months to over a year, and you see results almost instantly.

Some fillers contain animal proteins and require allergy testing prior to treatment, but ours don’t. All of our fillers do add facial volume, prevent uneven drooping and that sunken look, and even improve how your lips look against your gums and teeth. 

Cosmetic injectable treatments are safe, painless (except for a brief “bug bite” feeling), and long-lasting, Minimal side effects resolve quickly. There’s virtually nothing not to like about them! 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rozenberg today to discuss how cosmetic injectable treatments can even out your face so it looks better than ever. Call our office at 212-265-7724 or use our online booking tool

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Before and After Results

In the pictures below, you will see the results of Longing for a More Symmetrical Face? Consider Fillers for patients with various dental issues. These are only a sample of the treatments performed at our clinic. Over her decades of working in dentistry, Dr. Rozenberg has helped a lot of people, including celebrities and politicians, to name a few.

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