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NYC Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Surgical Technique 

Rozenberg Dental performs the the most recent treatment for gum recession...pinhole gum rejuvenation in her Manhattan Dental Spa. Gum recession can cause a noticeable, displeasing ridge at your gum line. Your recessed gums have the potential to wreak havoc in your grin and total well being, but patients often reject the conventional treatment for excessive downtime needed post op due to the extent of the operation, until now!

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What Occurs During Pinhole Rejuvenation?

Performed with a pin-like device, the pinhole surgical technique takes just a couple of minutes per tooth. Using a pin sized entry point, the specially designed tool loosens the tissue, transferring the it to the open gums. Collagen strips are then put through the entry point to keep the gums set up during the healing process.

Effects are instantaneous and the pinpoint-sized entrance fixes within 24 hours. Postop, patients report just moderate swelling and no downtime is needed for healing.

Differences between pinhole rejuvenation and conventional gum grafting contain:

On the roof of your mouth an incision is generally made with conventional gum grafting, occasionally an alternate donor source is used.  With the pinhole surgical technique, a little, pinhole sized entry point is used to glide gums over region of open roots. Collagen strips are set to keep gums in place.

Quantity of teeth... Just Just several teeth can be treated at a time with conventional gum grafting. With the new pinhole gum operation, numerous teeth can be treated in one visit greatly speeding up the process and results.

Length of operation: While the pinhole process needs less than an hour gum grafting can take over 90 minutes.

Healing time:  With pinhole rejuvenation, there's almost no recovery time, the old way it was over a week!

Performed correctly by Dr. Rozenberg in her Manhattan Dental Spa pinhole gum rejuvenation is a fast, simple process with immediate results. The process needs no scalpels, sutures, or grafting and takes just an hour to finish.  Effects are instant in order and you are under the care of one of the best dentists in NYC

Do I have to treat gum recession?

Gum recession exposes the roots of your tooth. Among the first signs of gum disease, gum recession enables bacteria to develop beneath this area and the build-up of plaque can bring about tooth loss.

  When gum recession occurs, it can create the illusion of a blackened or missing tooth. Gum Gap Restoration is a simple, non-invasive, in-office procedure which uses Restylane® to restore gum volume between teeth. Restylane® is a hyaluronic, acid-based dermal filler commonly used to restore the youthful appearance to facial features. Instead of injecting Restylane® into the cheeks to smooth nasolabial folds or the forehead to ease frown lines between the brows, Restylane® is injected directly into the gums during Gum Gap Restoration, providing immediate results.  

Although Gum Gap Restoration isn't long-term, effects are immediate, noninvasive, nor need a lengthy downtime.

Unlike conventional treatments for receding gums, Gum Gap Restoration will not call for an extended downtime, sutures, or stitches. The most common treatment for restoring receding gums, gum grafting, can reduce the susceptibility brought on by this illness when the tooth’s roots are exposed and is long-lasting. Gum grafting, however, includes an extended downtime in and a surgical procedure. Gum Gap Restoration, on the other hand, allows for immediate effects using a noninvasive, dermal filler treatment.

Gums may start receding for quite a few reason, the most common of which is dental bone loss.   Dental bone loss may be due to a serious disease affecting the nerves in the tooth’s roots. This may present itself after a tooth extraction as an abscessed tooth, periodontitis, or cavitation. However, the delusion of a blackened or lost tooth may stay without some kind of treatment, for example gum grafting or Gum Gap Restoration once the bone loss is treated.

How frequently should I schedule appointments to keep my NYC Gum Gap Restoration results?

Results, everyone’s Gum Gap Restoration will have to be kept, but the time between appointments changes on an individual basis. Patients can expect to schedule appointments around 6 to 9 months for treatments, between Gum Gap Restoration. Over time, results will only fade without appointments and gets better over time.


For patients who wish to have less “gummy” smile, Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S. offers their own trademarked procedure called Gumoflage. A “gummy” smile occurs when the teeth appear short because they are covered with too much gum tissue.

During the Gumoflage procedure, Dr. Rozenberg will make an incision on the inside of the upper lip in order to reposition it so that the patient can no longer pull the lip up to expose the gums. By preventing the lip from excessively stretching upward during a smile, patients will have a less “gummy” smile with an upper lip that appears fuller. Patients will be on their way to a more confident smile without a surgery that cuts into the tooth structure or the tissue surrounding the tooth.

There may be some tenderness following the Gumoflage procedure, but this will resolve within a few days. Patients will be able to talk following the procedure and recovery time is fairly short

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