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Dr. Rozenberg

The Premier Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist 

Dr. Lana Rozenberg is often recognized as not only one of the best dentists in Manhattan NYC but also one of the most skilled Manhattan Cosmetic Dentists. One of the reasons celebrities put their trust in Dr. Lana’s skilled hands and also enjoy the Manhattan Dental Spa environment she has created for her patients.

Dr. Lana embodies a dentist who has given her life to fine tuning her craft and is recognized by cosmetic dentists around the world. She is dedicated to helping her patients achieve phenomenal aesthetic results without compromising the natural look and feel of your mouth.

We offer a wide range of Manhattan NYC cosmetic dentistry; feel free to explore more details in the tabs below. The easiest way is to contact us by email or phone and arrange a private consultation.

As a primary cosmetic dentistry practice in Manhattan; patient comfort is extremely important to us. That is why we have also created a dental spa environment to further enhance your visit and interaction with our team.  In addition you can always count on our discretion and trust that any patient information will stay between you and Dr. Rozenberg.

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