10 Foods to Help Clean Your Teeth


10 Foods to Help Clean Your Teeth

" We normally brush our teeth twice a day but we can clean our teeth naturally eating the proper food. There is some food that helps to clean the teeth. Here are 10 food that helps to clean the teeth; every little bit helps right, especially when you can eat healthy and get the extra cleaning while your at it! Make sure to share if you find this helpful!

1. Strawberry:
Strawberry helps to make teeth strong and clean, the acid on strawberry helps to clean the teeth.

2. Cauliflower:
Cauliflower is the most eaten vegetable and this too helps to clean the teeth. Cauliflower helps to clean the dirt that is stuck on the teeth as well as helps in the production of saliva.

3. Watermelon:
Eating watermelon two cups a day will help to keep teeth healthy, this contains Vitamin-C which helps to absorb iron. This helps teeth healthy.

4. Orange:
Orange helps to keep teeth healthy and clean, Vitamin-C on orange absorbs iron and helps keep you immune system up to date

5. Apple:
Eating one apple per day makes teeth clean and strong. Juice is more beneficial for teeth. Chewing apple is a bit harder on the enamel of teeth so juice will be more effective.

6. Spinach:
Carotene of spinach helps to keep teeth strong and clean.

7. Dairy Products:
Milk, curd, cheese contains lactic acid that prevents teeth from getting rust colored The protein that is found on curd makes teeth strong and clean and the calcium of course is good for bones

8. Grapes:
Malice acid and other enzyme that is found in grapes makes teeth shiny.

9. Water:
The benefits of water are very popular and this helps to clean the teeth as well. Drinking water of course there is no sugar that which everyone knows isn't the best for your teeth, added benefit water helps digest food

10. Green Beans:
This increases the saliva and helps to keep the mouth clean."

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